Build, Simulate and Deploy Algorithmic Trading

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Focus on What Matters

You just need to code the core of your algorithm and integrate with Zinnion to have all the extra funcionality that Zinnion provides such as simution, live streaming, historical data, position management, execution and much more.

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Easy to Use

Run it on your own Infrastructure and use your existing algorithm or create a new one. We support more than 10+ different programing languages as well as researching tools such as R Studio, Matlab Simulink, Jupyter Notebooks and much more. Zinnion is build in C and C++, get the ultimate performance and optimization an algorithm needs using the programming language you know best.

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You can systematically run thousands of simulations to evaluate the performance of your algorithm during different market conditions. Our simulations runs not only against historical data but also with a model that simulates market conditions that have never seen before.